Dickson Design Studio, Inc. is a woman-owned, multi-faceted design firm – we plan, design, and redesign the places and spaces in which people live, work, shop, and play. Our range of knowledge is essential to shaping and reimagining development and design of indoor and outdoor environments.

Land Planning

We deliver appropriate site-specific solutions by assessing the land, the context, and available resources, applying our skills and experience to create exceptional designs that bring lasting value to the community. The goal of land planning is to create conveinient, healthful, efficient, and attractive environments for present and future generations.

  • Feasability Studies
  • Site Capacity Studies
  • Concept Development
  • Variance Compliance
  • Public Testimony

Landscape Architecture

We create beautiful environments that are artistic, unique, and functional. We design parks, streetscapes, communities, and residences, all in harmony with the intended use of each site. Our passion for jaw-dropping "before" and "after" fuels our imagination. To accomplish this, design fees are established on a per-project basis, based on the size and scope of the work.

  • Enhancement Design
  • Visibility/Site Analysis
  • Green Roofs
  • Public Testimony
  • Construction Administration


We formulate a plan to evaluate and execute professional staging of your home or office. Our goal is to create spaces that look current and fresh, maximizing appeal and value, leading to a swift sale or lease. By enhancing the property with stylish pieces to maximize its potential, we help people make an emotional connection to the space. First impressions of your space should be dynamic, on-trend, and fulfill the buyer’s dreams.

  • Vacant Staging
  • Occupied Staging
  • Occupied Consult, Walk & Talk
  • Post Move-In

Interior Redesign

We craft aesthetically pleasing spaces in and around your home, utilizing pieces you already love. Your tastes, needs, desired mood, and lifestyle are all taken into account, as we reimagin the look of your space. We are here to help your home look its best, with improved functionality and traffic flow, color cohesiveness, and stylized décor - one room is completely redesigned in one day!

  • Full-Room Redesign
  • Mini Redesign
  • Color Consultation
  • Furniture Selection
  • Shopping Services

Our service markets include: Commercial, Retail, Mixed-Use, Industrial, Municipal, and Residential.